Spearfishing is an old fishing technique that’s practiced all over the world. What makes spearfishing really fascinating is that it’s one of the most environmentally friendly ways to hunt for fish. Plunging into deep water where all you see is blue and being in the middle of the vast ocean, right in the arms of mother nature is an experience you’ll never forget.

Think you’ve tried the most extreme sport out there? Think again!

Bluewater spearfishing is definitely a must try if you enjoy diving, fishing, and extreme sports. If you’re excited about giving bluewater spearfishing a try,  we’re here to uncover the basics of this captivating sport.

What Is Bluewater Spearfishing?

Traditional spearfishing is a fishing practice that goes back thousands of years. It started as simple as using a long stick with a sharpened point to catch fish. Today, spearfishing is still used all over the world as a way of catching nutritious and delicious seafood using developed and uniquely designed spearguns.

The reason why spearfishing is an eco-friendly fishing method is that it doesn’t require any weapons or dangerous tools and equipment that causes water pollution.

The key difference between traditional spearfishing and bluewater spearfishing is that with the latter, you’re in the middle of deep water where you virtually can’t see the bottom of the ocean. With bluewater spearfishing, you’re likely to encounter larger sized fish than the ones you’ll see if you were spearfishing in shallow water.

Quick Bluewater Spearfishing Guide

Bluewater hunters use a boat to get into deep and crystal clear ocean waters. They’re dropped off by the boat driver in the diving spot and drift away for several kilometers. Hunters can go for a very long time without seeing a single fish, sometimes even hours. That’s why it’s crucial for bluewater hunters to be fully prepared at all times in case they spot the right catch.

For a successful bluewater spearfishing trip, being ready with the right gear and knowledge about the sport is your best shot.

Here are a few things to consider before you start the dive.

Basic Spearfishing Gear

Having the right gear is essential to ensure both safety and success. Several factors will affect your choice of gear. Being in deep water means that if you drop something, you’re very unlikely to get it back and it also means you’ll be confronting large sea creatures.

Bluewater spearfishing equipment is powerful and complex. They require more skill and knowledge to use than other equipment used in other methods of spearfishing.


First and foremost, the most important gadget you’ll need is the speargun which you’ll use to shoot at your target. Fish that are found in deep oceans are massive and quite powerful and that’s the main reason why your speargun rigging must be impeccable.

In most cases, the rigging used for blue water spearfishing is heavier than those used for traditional spearfishing. They include a stronger gun, heavier spear shafts, slip tips, and suitable floatation.

You’re looking for a speargun that’s tough and powerful enough to give you the range and ability to hit your target at a distance. If you’re a beginner, opt for a gun that’s loaded easily and practice doing so before getting in the water.


Choosing the right mask can turn a horrible spearfishing day to a great one. After all, if you can’t see clearly, there isn’t so much to be achieved.

A Low-volume mask is great because it’s quicker and uses less air when you clear your ears. Your spearfishing mask should be comfortable to wear and should allow for good visibility. Also, it shouldn’t give you any leaking problems in the water.

Before heading to the water, make sure you test your mask first. To find out if it fits correctly or not, hold it to your face and breathe in, you should sense a suction feel onto your face. Now let your hands go and try your best to break the seal by making different facial expressions and see if the mask will stay in place.


Since you’re down in the water, you’ll want fins that use minimum effort in order to save oxygen. The best way to do that is by using long fins that allow your legs to work less. Fins are usually made of plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber.

It’s also a good idea to have a set of fin keepers to keep your fins secure in their place and eliminate noise.


A good quality wetsuit is important for several reasons. First, a wetsuit will help keep you warm in cold water. Trying to enjoy the spearfishing experience in freezing cold water will probably not happen.

Another reason is that a wetsuit will help you look less suspicious. Yes, we’re talking camouflage here. Blending in with the sea environment is a great way to ensure a good catch.

Finally, a wetsuit will protect you from the sun, rocks, marine life, and any hazards you may encounter.

Weight Belt

A weight belt will keep you from floating back up to the surface of the water. Since wetsuits are normally buoyant, a weight belt will help maintain neutral buoyancy with minimal effort.

Best Blue Water Spearfishing Spots

So now that you’re ready with your gear, your next step is to find the perfect spearfishing spot. There are many beautiful locations known to be great for spearfishing. In each location, you’ll find different species of fish.

Check out these spots for an amazing spearfishing trip.

The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are one of the top locations in the USA to try spearfishing. You’ll find a lot of groupers, snapper, hogfish, cobia, and pompano. You’ll also find other kinds of fish cruising offshore like wahoo, tuna, and billfish.

North Carolina

North Carolina has one of the most beautiful diving spots. It offers amazing visibility and that makes it an excellent area for spearfishing. You’re likely to catch lobster, hogfish, amberjacks, and cobia.

David, Panama

This area is close to two very well-known spearfishing spots; Chiriqui and Hannibal Banks. The area is absolutely stunning and the water temperature is almost the same all year round making it perfect if you’ll be in the water for a long time. Monster tuna and wahoo are two kinds of fish that you’ll find in the deep waters.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has one of the most gorgeous sights for spear hunters from beginners to experts. You’ll find tuna and billfish in the deep waters. The main target species that challenges hunters in Costa Rica is the Cubera Snapper. It’s a smart and powerful fish that’s no easy catch! Other fish are also found like wahoo and mullet snapper.

Different Kinds Of Fish Bluewater Hunters Look For

Bluewater hunters literally go across the globe just to snag one of the captivating bluewater fish. Bluewater fish are very wary of humans and can be really smart in escaping a trap so fishing for one takes a lot of luring, time, and patience.

During a spearfishing trip, hunters encounter some of the toughest and most fierce species of fish. It’s just part of the thrill, isn’t it?

The most common type of fish that hunters look for are bluefin tuna, marlin, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo. Kingfish, amberjacks, yellow jacks, and various types of tuna fish are targeted in Florida. Also, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, catfish, tiger muskie, and smallmouth bass are commonly looked for in spearfishing trips.


Is Bluewater Spearfishing Legal?

You’ll have to do some research here. In some countries, scuba equipment is illegal and so is the use of mechanically powered spearguns.

Certain types of fish are off-limits too in a number of areas. Sometimes, some spots prohibit hunting for fish in specific seasons.

To make sure you’re following legal guidelines, always make sure to check the regulations of the spot in which you intend to go spearfishing.

What Are The Safety Guidelines For Bluewater Spearfishing?

The ocean is a place where you never want to find yourself unprepared. Safety should always be your number one concern in deep water.

Bluewater spearfishing isn’t a solo sport so it’s important to always have a diving partner with you and never be in the water alone in case anything goes wrong. Of course, it’s key to have free-diving experience before trying this sport.

Before starting your trip, always check your gear to make sure it’s working properly. Keep a sharp knife with you and place it so that it’s easily accessible.

Final Thoughts

If you’re up for an exciting, adrenaline-filled adventure, you should definitely give blue spearfishing a go. It’s an extreme sport that’s a perfect combination for those who are passionate about fishing and being in the water.

With a little bit of patience and practice, bluewater spearfishing just might be your next sports addiction. Make sure you’re fully prepared with the right gear, knowledge, and safety guidelines for a fantastic underwater adventure.