Who Makes the Best Spearfishing Shafts?

Powerhead Spearfishing

There are thousands of spearfishing shafts available on the market, typically causing you confusion when it’s time to get a new one. With many variables, such as weight, diameter, and length, it’s only fair you get some help before purchasing. In this article, we’ll review the best spearfishing shafts on the market, and we’ll include … Read more

What Is Your Average Spearfishing Depth?

Spearfishers like to challenge themselves by pushing themselves to new limits while exploring the depth of the ocean. A deeper dive usually yields more diverse fish of a much larger size. Spearfishing isn’t a sport that has strict depth rules. Since there are no guidelines about how deep a diver should go, it usually depends … Read more

How Do You Aim a Spearfishing Gun?

Powerhead Spearfishing

Spearos can never get enough of two things: exploring new waters and honing their craft. Spearfishing is a challenging sport that demands multiple levels of skill. You need to be a clever diver and shooter. In addition to a genuine ability to multitask. In this article, we’ll get into deep details on how to aim … Read more

Best Surf Poncho Changing Robes

If you love hitting the beach for a swim or if you’re a watersports enthusiast, then you’re probably familiar with the hassle of having to change after you get out of the water and keeping warm. Not only do you need to find a spot secluded enough to shield your body from being seen, but … Read more

What’s a Cubera Snapper?

What’s a Cubera Snapper? Many things are synonyms to Florida, including beaches, hot weather, and, guess what, the vibrant marine life. The shores of this beautiful state thrive with different sorts of sea creatures that you may be curious to know more about. One of the most remarkable fish species that many fishermen look forward … Read more

Spearfishing vs. Line Fishing: Which One Should You Consider?

Besides being a profession for many, fishing is one of the most enjoyable hobbies to enjoy with your family and friends. However, fishing isn’t just one thing, as there are tens of different ways to catch fish, whether they’re big or small! Among the most popular methods for fishing are line fishing and spearfishing. If … Read more