Spearfishing Panama – The Ultimate Guide

Are you interested in spearfishing in the beautiful blue waters of Panama? If you are, read on to learn about the best spearfishing locations Panama has to offer, Panama spearfishing regulations, and the types of fish you will be spearfishing.

Spearfishing is a popular sport in Panama because the country has a wide variety of fish species, and the waters are warm year-round. You can catch fish such as snapper, pargo, grouper, jack, barracuda, and tuna. If you want to spearfish in Panama, you will need to get a fishing license. You can get a license at most fishing stores or online.

Yes, you can spearfish in Panama. There are many good spots for spearfishing, both in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The most popular spearfishing areas are around the islands of Bocas del Toro and Coiba. There are also good spearfishing spots on the mainland, such as in the Golfo de Chiriqui.

Where are the best spearfishing locations in Panama?

1. Bocas del Toro – This archipelago off the coast of Panama has many different types of fish in the beautiful waters, making it an excellent spot for spearfishing.

2. Isla Grande – The Gulf of Chiriquí is a great spot for spearfishing. The many pristine beaches and reefs make it an excellent destination to go spearfishing.

3. San Blas Islands – With a pristine environment and coral reefs, the Caribbean Islands offer some of the best spearfishing around.

4. Pedasi – This town on the Azuero Peninsula is known for its beautiful waters and coral reefs – fantastic spearfishing.

5. Coiba National Park – This national park is located off the coast of Panama and is home to many reefs and different fish species.

6. The Gulf of Chiriqui – The fishing and spearfishing in this area are some of the best on Earth and you can find a huge variety of fish there, including big game fish like tuna and robalos. It’s also great for wahoos!

7. Hannibal Bank – Hannibal Bank is known for its huge fish. Expect to go after Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, and Coiba. These are protected waters, but you can get a fishing permit for about        $50 per week.

8. Isla Montuosa – Isla Montuosa is island about 60 miles from the mainland. Part of the chain of islands that comprise of Coiba National Park.


Panama enforces a number of regulations designed to protect the country’s marine resources. Among these are restrictions on spearfishing. Visitors to Panama should be aware of these regulations before engaging in this activity.

Spearfishing is only allowed in certain areas and during certain times of the year. These areas and times are subject to change, so it is important to check with the local authorities before spearfishing. Additionally, only certain types of spears are allowed. For example, barbed spears are not allowed.

There are also size limits on the fish that can be caught. These vary depending on the species of fish, so it is again important to check with the local authorities before spearfishing. If you plan to go out on a charter they will take care of any permits needed, but check in with your guide beforehand.

Types of Fish

Panama has a great abundance of different types of fish:


You can target many different types of fish off the beaches and reefs. These include mackerel, corvina, robalo, grouper, pompano, pargo, trevally, and snapper.

Outshore (Bluewater):

Known as the “Tuna Coast”, Panama has some unbelievable fish to go after. You will target – Yellowfin tuna, jacks, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and large grouper to name a few.

Some Tips and A Word of Caution

Spearfishing in Panama can be dangerous if you are not careful. It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. It is also important to keep an eye on the weather, as strong currents and storms can make the waters dangerous.

Here are a few tips for beginners (and for the experienced):

  • Do not try to dive too deep until you are confident with your skills
  • Practice your shooting skills before heading out on the hunt
  • Be patient and wait for the right opportunity to strike
  • Never spearfish alone
  • Swim Slowly and calmly…glide towards your target.
  • Always spearfish with a buddy
  • Always be calm in the water
  • If needed drop your gear.  There’s only one of you.

Recommended Gear

Some recommended gear suggestions are below. Here’s also a link to my Recommended Gear page where you can find other useful gear when spearfishing.

Here are a few of my top recommendations, which I found super useful when spearfishing.


Panama is well-known for its world-class fishing, and spearfishing is no exception. There are many locations in Panama with great potential for a successful spearfishing trip. The types of fish you can expect to catch while spearfishing in Panama vary depending on the region, but include everything from snapper and grouper to barracuda and wahoo. So, if you’re looking for an adventure that will test your skills as a spearo, consider planning a trip to Panama for some unforgettable spearfishing action. Also, take a look at the Top 10 Spearfishing Destinations Around The World.