Spearoscout Pole Spear

Please note at this time we don’t supply the spearfishing tip(s) for the 6mm (male) threaded front end of the pole spear but we do recommend the three following tips below if you don’t already have your favorite in mind (links to Amazon).

The first is a multiprong paralyzer tip, which is great for lionfish and small rock cod.

The second is a twin-barb double-wing pole spear tip with a keeper. This one has proved great for going after ling cod in California, North West, and mid-size grouper off the coast of Florida.

The third is an inexpensive single-wing rock point tip. These are great for going after rock cod. It’s a good idea to get a couple of these due to smashing them into rocks, etc.

Whatever spear tip you decide to use always screw down the tip tightly to the base of the pole spear. Doing this it helps prevent any bending of the 6mm threaded screw if you have been raming the spear into rocks, etc…fish are safe!

Multiprong Paralyzer Tip

Twin-Barb Double Wing Tip

Single-Wing Rock Point Tip