What are the best freediving masks? In this article, we’ve highlighted the best freediving masks for every need. 

We’ve given our quick picks at the beginning of the article, but read on for a more in-depth review and a buyer’s guide at the end of the article.

Quick choice

High-end pick: Cressi frameless mask and Supernova dry snorkel

Durability pick: Kraken Aquatics snorkel dive mask with silicone skirt and strap

Best vision: SeaDive OceanWays SuperView dive mask

Best leak-proofing: Sphera Aqua Sphere swim mask

Adventurer’s pick: XS Foto panorama mask

For smaller faces: Scuba Choice freedive mask

1.  Cressi frameless mask and Supernova dry snorkel

One of the top high-end brands in the market of freediving gear; Cressi, offers top-quality materials in a streamlined design making this mask the top-choice for many freedivers looking for lux quality.

The Cressi mask offers a comfortable silicone skirt that provides a water-tight enclosure for the user. The uncolored and tempered glass screen is designed to provide a durable and frameless lens for a wide and clear field of vision.

Cressi also added a push button buckle to the strap to allow the user to adjust the strap length with a simple push, making the process of fitting the mask on and taking it off simpler than ever.


  • The Cressi mask provides high-end functional quality
  • Has a frameless single lens that provides an unobstructed and wider field of vision
  • The mask has a very low volume which makes it perfect for freediving


  • This mask is not suitable for heavy-duty use and is better suited for leisure activities

2. Kraken Aquatics snorkel dive mask with silicone skirt and strap

This mask is on the list because of how durable and versatile it is; and not to mention, its ease of use.

With the simple yet sturdy strap mechanism offered in Kraken Aquatic’s mask, adjusting the mask is as easy as tug at the strap end and taking the mask off is as simple as pushing the release buckle. This makes it functional for a vast array of activities without ever having to deal with complex adjustments.

The skirt on this mask is very comfortable and completely water-tight, again making it suitable for different activities that include spear-fishing. This along with the tempered glass used for the lenses that stands up well to heavy-use while maintaining its integrity and clarity makes it ideal for divers that travel and use their masks often.


  • Has a seamless single lens that allows for an unobstructed field of vision
  • The glass is scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, and fog-resistant
  • The skirt is completely water-tight


    • Probably the one drawback to this mask would be the very basic design it comes in; it is not the most aesthetic mask on the list

3.    SeaDive OceanWays SuperView dive mask

The SuperView freediving mask offers the best viewing experience for users since the lens is designed to enhance and protect the user’s vision.

The uninterrupted lens, like the two previous models, allows for a wider field of vision, however, this mask’s lens offers more. The lens is coated with an anti-glare membrane and is protected against harmful sun rays making it perfect for freediving during daylight.

During night-time, however, the lens is made to enhance vision by brightening and making colors pop underwater making it ideal for night-dives as well. The color-corrective ability of this lens gives an unmatched visual experience for divers.


      • Has a single wide lens that enhances brightness for the user underwater
      • The lens is made to correct reds and yellows underwater for a better viewing experience
      • The skirt is made out of high-grade silicone that maintains comfort with long durations of use
      • Lens protects against harmful UV rays


      • The glass lens is not scratch-resistant which may tamper with the integrity of the mask on the long run

4.    Sphera Aqua Sphere swim mask

With a larger than most and a more flexible skirt than generic freediving masks, the Aqua Sphere offers the best water-tight seal with the most comfort. The skirt’s flexibility allows it to stay sealed even during snorkel installation and removal which is when most masks tend to leak due to facial movement.

The mask is low volume and compact which means it will not get in the way during the dive no matter how deep you go and unlike other masks, this mask fixes the usual distortion of vision most divers deal with using other masks in deep water.


        • Water-tight seal means the mask’s skirt is leak-proof
        • Lens screen is concaved which provides a 180-degree field of view
        • The lens is made out of scratch-resistant Plexisol glass that is coated with an anti-fog material


        • Even though the silicone seal on this mask promises a leak-proof experience, the plastic mechanism of this mask itself is not as sturdy as one of a high-duty mask

5.    XS Foto panorama mask

The XS Foto mask is one for the adventurous type. The mask comes with a built-in GoPro mount that allows you to film and capture your whole underwater experience whilst keeping both of your hands-free.

The GoPro mount is even designed in such a manner that keeps the exhaled air bubbles out of the camera’s frame so that no mishaps can spoil your footage.

And unlike other masks that offer built-in camera mounts, this mask is extremely comfortable and can be adjusted to fit different people with the least effort.


          • The lens is a continuous 3-window screen that allows for a wide field of vision without compromising volume
          • Includes a Qwik strap that simplifies putting on and taking off the mask
          • The GoPro mount comes with a built-in nut, so you’re guaranteed to never lose it


          • Unlike the Aqua Sphere, this mask tends to leak when installing a snorkel

6.    Scuba Choice freedive mask

This compact mask is made especially for those with narrower facial features. Unlike larger masks that tend to leak, this mask offers a tight seal for those with narrower faces, making the need to tighten the straps of regular-sized masks to the tightest possible fit a problem of the past.

And due to the compact design, the lens is designed to be fitted really close to the face which allows the user to have a wider field of vision without the need for a frameless lens.


            • The lens is made out of tempered glass which helps it withstand heavy-use
            • The skirt on this mask is very flexible and offers a high degree of comfort
            • Comes with a strong, durable, and adjustable strap


            • Due to the highly compact design of this mask, divers with larger facial feature may find this one uncomfortable

What makes a good freediving mask?

With so many freediving masks on the market today, the question of which mask is better comes up a lot. Now, there’s no doubt that some masks are better than others as well as some are better suited for your needs than others.

To better understand what makes a good freediving mask and which masks suit your preference best, we’ve listed below some of the features that make or break a freedivng mask.

Glass material

Considering what freediving masks are made for, the glass being used for the lens area of the mask has to be strong enough to withstand the pressure being exerted on the glass under water. Most mask manufacturers tend to use tempered glass since it serves that purpose.

Many producers are also addressing the issue of how colors can look different to the human eye under water. This has led them to produce color correcting tempered glass that fixes the colors that tend to change under the water. This, along with a fog-resistant feature, allows you to have the most genuine experience during your dive.

Another corrective feature more manufacturers are putting into consideration is eyesight correction where the mask’s glass lens can be customized; like eyeglasses, to fit your sight and improve your vision.

Glass design

Along with the glass’ material and how well it incorporates into its usage, the frame design of said glass plays an adjacent role. The mask’s glass represents your field of vision underwater and since that could be a limiting factor, many production companies are implementing a wider glass screen in their masks.

This sometimes, however, comes at a cost of bigger or bulkier masks which is not the point. The best of masks will include a smooth screen design that allows for a wider and uninterrupted field of view without compromising the compactness of the mask.

One of the masks mentioned above comes with a three-sided glass screen which gives a field of vision almost as wide as 180 degrees. Other masks may feature a concave screen for the same purpose of a wider scope.

Another point of consideration would be interruptions in between the two lens screens of a mask; some companies are opting for a seamless screen design that eliminates any separation between the two lenses, creating one streamlined lens across the face.

Skirt design

A skirt is the rubber seal between a mask’s frame and the user’s face, so it has to offer comfort along with function.

The best masks come with a form of flexible skirt that can easily take the shape of the user’s face to ensure a tight-seal regardless of the activity it’s being used for. Most manufacturers use silicone to make their mask’s skirts since it’s highly flexible and offers a higher degree of comfort than other materials.

Strap technology

A mask’s strap signifies how easy the mask is to put on, take off, and more importantly, keep on underwater. Working with the skirt design, a strap helps keep the mask sealed and prevents any leaking during your dive. It would be an absolute inconvenience if your freediving mask fails to do that since it’ll be rendered pointless.

The strap’s buckle has to be strong enough to hold the mask together during high currents; however, the strap too should be made of durable and heavy-duty material. Some mask manufacturers are paying closer attention to that issue and are introducing reinforced buckles and grip technology in their straps to ensure a non-slip experience with their masks.

And to make using a freediving mask easier, the strap should be simple and easy to adjust on and off the user. Many straps are now being made to be adjusted with a simple tug while they’re already on.

Proofing and protections

Perhaps depending on the activity you intend to use your mask for and the regularity of that use, you should consider how resilient your mask can be.

As mentioned above, some straps include a non-slip feature that allows the mask to stay in place through the strongest of currents, but other than the strap’s grip, many more features contribute to how efficient and durable a freediving mask is during rough or non-conventional conditions.

For example, a very common feature now being added to most heavy-duty freediving mask’s screens is scratch and shatter-resistance. This feature picked up quickly for mask screens because of how essential it has been found to be for both, those that pursue freediving as a leisurely activity and those who pursue it as more of a sport or profession.

Another – more protective than proofing – feature for mask screens would be UV-protection. This also may come up as an essential feature for you but is not as commonly included in freediving masks as the previous features may be.

Things you should personally consider before choosing your mask

Now that we’ve established what a good freediving mask looks and feels like, another thing you should keep in mind is why you need the mask. Different activities require different mask features, and some brands put that in mind more than others to ensure that whatever activity you’re looking to use your mask for; from leisure freediving all the way to spearfishing, you’re covered.


Most masks have standard sizes and are adaptable to most faces by adjusting the strap length, however, we’ve included one mask in our recommendations that is made especially for narrower faces since some masks may be too wide for certain people and would hence be subject to leakage.

Other than how the mask would fit your face, you should consider how compact you want your mask to be. Some divers wouldn’t mind a bulkier mask if it means it’ll offer more durability. However, some would prioritize the compactness of the mask and how that would affect their experience under the water – not wanting to feel like a weight latched onto their face.

So consider how much you value the size of your freediving mask and whether you would or wouldn’t mind the air volume of your mask.


Another deciding factor you’ll want to think about is why you need that mask. What kind of activity will you be using your mask for? And how often?

This brings us back to what makes a good freediving mask; you should consider which of these features best suit your activity. A spearfisher, for example, will need a heavy-duty mask that withstands pressure without leakage, doesn’t fog up, and has a strong buckle to prevent breaking.

Wrap up

In the end, after discussing what a functional and durable freediving mask looks like, which mask you pick really boils down to your personal preference. For someone looking to take pictures underwater, the XS Foto is an obvious pick, for example.

For more general use, we would recommend the Cressi mask for its unbeatable quality or Seadive’s SuperView mask for the unmatched visual enhancement.