Spearfishing enthusiasts have lots of options that allow them to practice their favorite sport. One of them is using a boat to explore the deep waters for the ultimate spearfishing experience.

Spearfishing boats will take you faster to the desired spot, so you’ll have all your energy reserved for chasing your target. Being on a boat is easier than swimming and more fun because several people can share the same boat on their spearfishing quest.

Are you interested in learning what types of boats are best when spearfishing? If you’re interested in enhancing your spearfishing experience using a reliable boat, then you need to read this guide. You’ll find everything you want to know about the Do’s and Don’ts and how to pick the right boat for your upcoming trip.

Why Should You Use a Spearfishing Boat?

Spearfishers have an arsenal of tools that can help them enjoy their time better. Of course, you can be old school and stick to the ways of the ancestors, or enjoy the perks of technology for more fun and safety.

Here are some reasons spearfishing boats can be a great addition to your spearfishing passion.

Have Room for Everyone

Being with a group of spearfishing enthusiasts is half the fun. Spearfishing boats allow you to gather your gang and enjoy each other’s company. No one will be left behind, so they can chat, dive into the water, or relax whenever they feel like it.

People sometimes tend to feel pressured when they’re trying to catch up with others doing a specific physical activity. A boat will provide an opportunity for all participants to relax and talk if they need to take a break from spearfishing. This will also represent a good chance to get to know others and bond with them.

Save your Energy

Swimming to the desired spot might make you feel drained even before you start going after a fish. Once you spot your target, you might be too tired to chase it, which means that the fish you’ve wanted so much can easily slip away.

A spearfishing boat will take you where you can find lots of catches to pick from. You can easily dive into the water right in the middle of the fish to catch as many as you want.

Spearfishing from boats is the best solution for people who are interested in spearfishing on islands, docks, and other structures that aren’t accessible by land or too far to swim to.

Get Fueled Up

There is no need to feel drained and worn out. You will have enough room to get freshened up, stay hydrated, and enjoy a quick snack or even a power nap before you dive into the water one more time.

After diving and chasing fish underwater, you’re likely to feel tired. You don’t have to move away from your favorite spot. Just get on board and spend a few minutes until you’re ready to resume your activity. A short break is a chance to ask for guidance or check your gear before you dive in one more time.

Suitable for Beginners

People who are trying spearfishing for the first time will enjoy their time better when they’re on a boat. A trained spearo can give them instructions right in the middle of the action and just before they jump into the water. They’ll also have room to ask questions, or even postpone the dive if they feel that they aren’t ready.

Being on board will allow you to target fish easily. You can spot them moving so you can jump at the right time to catch them off guard.

Stay Free

Some spearos keep catch bags attached to their bodies. These bags will drag them down and slow their movement. Moreover, carrying fish around your body isn’t the best idea if you’re diving in areas known to contain sharks.

You can easily keep all your fish on the boat to avoid the hassle while ascending and descending. You can even put fish in an ice box so they can stay fresh until you decide to cook them.

Spearfishing from a boat gives you the freedom to catch fish in very deep waters. If you’re interested in a big game like tuna and mahi-mahi, then you should consider going on a boat. This is called blue water hunting and is quite popular among spearfishing enthusiasts around the world.

Which Style of Boats Works Best for Spearfishing?

Boats are generally smaller than ships, but some models can be quite huge. There are several options when it comes to choosing a spearfishing boat, based on your needs and preferences. Here are some of the most common types of boats that people use for spearfishing.

Fishing Boats

These durable and practical boats are built for fishing in saltwater and freshwater bodies. They are big enough to carry several spearos to their desired spot, whether they’re fishing in the sea or in a lake.

Boats intended for use in the sea are usually more durable so they can withstand the saltwater and the waves. They might have some room to store fish, in addition to the motor system and front bow. There’s usually room for spearos to sit, enjoy a quick snack or have a drink.

Bass boats are usually made of aluminum and are more commonly used for spearfishing in rivers and lakes. They’re slimmer and more lightweight.

Dinghy Boats

These are lightweight, affordable, and inflammable boats that you can carry on your car for a quick spearfishing adventure. Dinghies usually come with oars, or they can have small outboard engines. They’re perfect for fishing in tight spots where bigger vessels won’t fit.

A dinghy is a good choice for spearfishing in lakes, rivers, and even the sea if there are no currents or waves. Some dinghies are big and they can accommodate several spearos. However, most of them are good enough to carry two or three people with their fishing gear.

Deck Boats

These boats feature plenty of seating space for a group of six or eight people. There’s also room for fishing gear and a swim platform that others can use when they’re done spearfishing.

These boats are very strong and can handle most weather and sailing conditions. But they come with a hefty price tag. So you if you can’t afford to buy your own, you can always rent one for your upcoming spearfishing trip.


Sailboats are perfect for good-time cruising as well as spearfishing because they provide plenty of room for everyone. Sailing is an amazing group activity that you can combine with spearfishing for days of fun with your family and friends.

However, you must know how to rig the sail before every ride to make sure that everyone is safe. If you don’t know how to handle sailing, then there must be other people on board who can.

Sailboats might have room for cooking your catches, in addition to cabins where others can sleep or relax after a long day.

You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy a boat for spearfishing. Most of these boats are available for rent.


I love using a kayak to spearfish. You can throw a kayak on top of your car and just go. In many ways, it’s like shore diving, but just better. You can get out a further and conserve your energy and get to spots where other boats can’t go. They’re also a great place to store your catch between dives.

How to Choose the Right Boat for Spearfishing?

Boats come in different shapes that cater to the needs of every user. This is why choosing the right boat for spearfishing can be a challenging task. Here are a few things to take into consideration.


Getting a deck boat is an investment that costs money to buy and maintain. It’s different from buying a dinghy boat that’s usually quite affordable.

Some boats require no maintenance costs like dinghies because you just have to inflate the boat and store it appropriately. Other boats like deck boats and fishing boats have other costs like fuel, docking fees, maintenance, and insurance.

Hiring professionals to maintain your boat costs more money, but guarantees that your boat will always be ready for your spearfishing adventure. Nevertheless, you can always learn how to take care of your own boat, keep it clean, and check the engine which can save you some cash.

If you’re renting a boat, you can always ask to see records of the most recent maintenance appointment. You can even run a quick check if you’re planning to use the boat for a long time.


You can go spearfishing in a lake, river, sea or ocean. For each spot, there is an appropriate boat that will guarantee the safety and comfort of all people on board.

Lightweight dinghies are suitable for offshore or freshwater spearfishing. If you’re planning to try your luck in the sea or ocean, then you must choose a durable boat that is built to withstand the saltwater conditions.

The location you pick plays an important role when you’re spearfishing. You’ll feel extremely exhausted and probably dizzy if you choose to go spearfishing in the sea while using a lightweight and small boat.

Distance Traveled

Are you planning to travel for a long distance? In this case, you should pick a boat that features enough night accommodation for everyone on board.

Some people don’t mind if there isn’t a special bed for them to sleep at the end of the day, but there should be room for sleeping bags at least. There should also be enough room for your spearfishing catches.

You should make sure that you have fuel, food, and water that will last you until the end of your journey. This will help you focus on your journey without worrying about getting fuel or water refills regularly.

Number of People

Are you spearfishing with a friend? Are you spending time with a group of avid spearos? Some boats are designed to accommodate several people at the same time. There will also be room for all their gear, in addition to their catches. These bigger boats are suitable for people who spend several days on a spearfishing adventure.

It’s always advised not to have your poles or guns loaded when you’re on board. Accidents happen, so it’s better to load and engage your gear only when you’re ready to dive looking for fish.

Skill Level

This is an important factor to consider because everyone’s life can depend on it. Bigger boats provide more options for luxury and fun, but they need an expert person who knows how to sail the boat safely.

For smaller boats that people take on offshore trips or while spearfishing in a lake, medium-level boating skills are enough. For bigger boats, you might need to hire an experienced captain with several crew members who can help him to maintain the condition of the boat and guarantee that everyone is safe.

How to Act on a Spearfishing Boat?

If this is the first time you try spearfishing from a boat, you’ll realize how much fun the whole experience can be for you and other spearos. However, there are some tips that you can follow to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable throughout the whole trip.

Be a Sensible Guest

Have you been invited by a boat owner to go on a spearfishing trip? Great! Act sensibly and you might be invited one more time.

The most important thing is to be punctual. If you’re arriving on your own, make sure that you arrive ahead of time. No one wants to wait for other people to arrive, especially if everyone is excited to start their journey.

You can ask the captain or the boat owner to show you around. Offer assistance and ask how you can help the crew manage the boat. Remember that when your captain is busy getting the boat ready, the last thing they need is a curious person who keeps on asking unnecessary questions.

Get your Gear

Other spearos might offer help or share some of their supplies, but you should come equipped with everything you’ll need for the trip. Ask some fellow spearfishing enthusiasts about the things they usually take on a spearfishing trip.

Pick the right clothes and shoes to wear when you’re on board. Make sure that your pole spear is ready for use and that you have all the accessories needed to maintain it and keep it functioning. Don’t forget your cover or sleeping bag if there is no bed available on an overnight spearfishing trip.

Don’t get anything that’s not necessary. Think of the time you’re spending on the boat and the type of fish you’re planning to catch. Extra weight will occupy unnecessary space and will slow the boat down.

Share Responsibilities

When you’re going spearfishing with others, you should ask them about the things that everyone will share. This is extremely crucial, especially if you’re going on an overnight spearfishing adventure.

Make a list of the foods and drinks that other people would like to have on board. Ask others about their preferences and make sure that you split the shopping list with others. Get enough food and water for everyone.

You must offer to pay for gas or fuel if you’re sharing the boat with others. If it’s a rental, split the tip. At the end of every day, help clean up the boat. Remember that you’re responsible for yourself, so pick up everything you use, put it away in the correct place, and offer to help others.

Stay Safe

Your safety and that of others are of extreme importance. If you’re renting a boat for spearfishing with a bunch of friends, check the license. You should also make sure that there is first aid on board. Learn how to use the radio for an emergency and ask how to help others if something goes wrong.

Make sure that you keep your pole spears or spearguns in a safe place until you’re ready to dive. Keep the pointed end away from others’ way so that no one gets injured when they’re moving around.

Don’t swim far away from the boat. Spearfishing is exciting, but you must follow the captain’s order. Be back on time and follow all instructions so that everyone can enjoy their time. Jumping into the water while making lots of noise will disturb the fish and make them swim away. Be as quiet as possible.

When the boat is heading to your direction to pick you up from the water, make sure that you unload the pole spear or speargun before giving it to the person on board. This protects them from being accidentally hurt.

Follow the instructions about how to enter the boat safely. Don’t push anyone and make sure that there is enough space between you and the person you’re following. If you’re wearing fins, make sure not to hit anyone in the face.

Once you get on board, dry yourself fast. You might be asked to hold an electronic device and being wet is hazardous.


Here are a few of my top recommendations, I found super useful when spearfishing:

Wrap Up

There is much fun to enjoy when you decide to go spearfishing on a boat. It’s a whole world of opportunities that you can discover when you go spearfishing. This is your chance to relax and enjoy the experience to the maximum, but you must be equipped with the right knowledge.