Are you interested in spearfishing off the fascinating coast of Louisiana? If you are read on. In this article, we will explore where the best places are to go spearfishing in Louisiana, Louisiana spearfishing regulations, and the types of fish you will find in Louisiana waters.

The Louisiana coastline stretches for roughly 397 miles which is filled with an abundance of bays and inlets with the mighty Mississippi River making its finish point. Louisiana has a long history of fishing and eating seafood. If you love seafood, Louisiana is truly hard to beat.

Louisiana Spearfishing Regulations

Generally speaking like a lot of other states spearfishing has the same regulations as if you were using a rod and reel and yes spearfishing is permitted in Louisiana waters.

Here’s some key information to know. For the latest and specific information click the link below.

Louisiana Fishing Regulations

  • Anyone 16 years of age or older needs a fishing license 
  • Fishing In Saltwater – All recreational anglers fishing south of the “saltwater line” need an additional saltwater license (there are exemptions – military, etc.) 
  • Offshore Landing Permit (free of charge) – “to possess tunas, billfish, swordfish, amberjacks, groupers, hinds, snappers, dolphinfish, wahoo and cobia. Anglers wishing to obtain or renew a permit must register or login at The requirement for anglers on a for-hire trip to have the permit has been removed, instead, it is required that the charter captain have a valid Charter RecreationalOffshore Landing Permit in his/her possession” – LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE & FISHERIES
  • Scuba Gear is Permitted – I don’t use it when spearfishing, but it’s allowed if you want to use it.

Best Places To Spearfish in Louisiana

Louisiana Beach Spearfish

Yes, going out to the Louisiana oil rigs are absolutely fantastic to spearfish (details to follow). But there’re plenty of great places to spearfish right off the shore. If you don’t have a boat to venture out into the Gulf of Mexico…no worries. The big boys can still be found off the beaches, piers, and seawalls Louisiana has to offer.

I recommend going out to Cameron Parish. Click here for a Google Map. Get in at Holly Beach, Constance Beach, and all the other beaches along the coast. Many of these beaches are now accessible by car. This wasn’t always the case. You had to 4 wheel it in.

Speckled Trout and flounder are common but also expect to come across Spanish Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, and an occasional shark…harmless.  Look for the sand bars where the fish like to congregate. You will find them swimming and hanging out along these ridges. I also highly recommend using a kayak when spearfishing. You can get to some great spots.

Lake Charles Seawall

As you explore a little north on the Calcasieu Estuary it’s worth trying out Lake Charles Seawall. You will find many species of fish when spearfishing.

Grand Isle 

Grand Isle offers two public piers and beaches that can be great. As always when you’re are spearfishing off piers and beaches always take the extra precaution of regular fishermen and swimmers.

It’s not rare to come across Spanish mackerel spearfishing off the beaches and piers.

On the eastern part of Grand Isle you will see one of these piers stretching out let’s say 375′ into the ocean. On the western side, there’s a public pier that’s located adjacent to Highway 1. This pier was made from an old bridge and I would say if you had to pick one…spearfish this one. I’ve had better luck. This pier is over deeper water and I’ve had luck spearfishing a couple of Spanish mackerel. Look out for the tide, as it can get strong at times.

Let’s Spearfish Some Rigs

You can find some great spearfishing charters out of Venice, Fourchon, and Cocodrie.

Many claim some of the best fishing around is located off the waters of Venice, Louisiana. Venice is located near the southeast tip of Louisiana, where the Mississippi meets the Gulf of Mexico. The delta here provides a labyrinth of waterways that provide an abundance of fish not only for your hook and line fisherman but for the avid spearo.

The inland waterways bring fish such as Flounder, Spotted Sea Trout and Redfish (check the latest regulations on these fish).

Just like Texas, Louisiana has some great oil rigs to go spearfishing and Venice provides great access to the Gulf of Mexico to get to these rigs.

If you want to go after Tuna, Wahoo, King and Spanish Mackerel, Mahi-mahi and other large pelagic fish taking a boat ride out to the rigs is a must. You won’t be disappointed. If you don’t own or have a buddy that has a boat (I’m lucky and do), there are plenty of charters that will take you to the rigs to explore and to spearfish. Give the guys at

a call. I haven’t used them but they come recommended by a friend.

Also, take a look at They have put together a listing of all the rigs in the Gulf. You can also download the listings. Some really good information (GPS coordinates, etc.). It’s worth taking a look.


Spearfishing, diving, snorkeling, and swimming around an oil rig is not for the beginner. It’s absolutely critical that you are a strong swimmer and go with a group of buddies that know what they’re doing. Make a dive plan, review the plan, stick to plan. Some of these rigs are way out there and swimming/spearfishing through and around these massive structures can be very dangerous.  Bring the right boat with all the safety and right navigation equipment. Don’t be foolish…remember spearfishing and life is all about having a good time…Enjoy life!

Recommend Gear

Some recommended gear suggestions are below. Here’s also a link to my Recommended Gear page where you can find other useful gear when spearfishing.

Here are a few of my top recommendations, I found super useful when spearfishing:

Final Thoughts

Louisianna is a special place and I’ve always had a great time when visiting. The last time I went the spearfishing was absolutely fantastic.

There are some great places to spearfish just off the beaches, piers, and oil rigs. Louisianna provides all types of game fish you can go after like Wahoo, Spanish and King Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, and other pelagic species. Plus other fish like grouper and snapper that are great on the BBQ.

As always just a friendly reminder that spearfishing is all about having fun and having a good time, so be safe and bring a friend on your next trip. Enjoy!